Potter County Baptist Church, Inc.

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B.E.A.R. Ministries

B.E.A.R. Ministries stands for Believers Encouraging All Responders. Do you have a prayer concern for which you would like prayer. God's Word encourages us to pray for one another. Why not call, drop us an e-mail or snail-mail and let us pray for you?

This Sunday's Message: Exodus
Wednesday Night: 1 Peter

Children's Church Provided

Church News: 

Benevolence Meeting February 10th @ 5:45 P.M.


The next PennDot pick-up: TBA

The Potter County Baptist Church, Inc. is participating in the PennDot Highway Beautification Program on the Eleven Mile from route 44 in Millport, PA two miles east to the Dodge Road.

Potter County Baptist Church * 867 Eleven Mile Road * Shinglehouse, PA * US * 16748

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